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Quest4Success @ Business Networking events in Metro Bank, Enterprise Centre, Bl-nk and RBS in Autumn

Hello and welcome to my blog on Inspirational and Motivational Business events for entrepreneurs, start ups and small businesses. My name's Tendai and here at Quest4Success I share inspirational and motivational blogs on the many events I attend and participate in throughout London monthly. Summer and autumn are great times for events here in London and 2015 did not disappoint with an array of events taking place throughout the Capital.


YBC joined forces with Metrobank on 13th August to deliver a 1st class business networking event as always. Metro Bank dazzled us with the pros of opening a business account with them and tbh - I'm sold!

Metro Bank at YBC Networking event at Metro Bank, Holborn - 13th August 2015

Metro Bank boasts 7 day banking and late night and early morning access (8am-8pm) which is convenient for the ever growing and super busy entrepreneur and small business. They have customer toilets, free money counting machines and dog bowls for those who can't part from their canine friends - that's right, they are animal friendly, well dog friendly at least! Super USPs right there! They're even open on bank holidays which is a bonus and certainly a very unique USP! The event was well attended and we were well informed with the history of Metro Bank here in the UK, which launched only 5 years ago (2010).

As well as a Mega Speed Networking session, the Founder Ted participated in a press up battle with one of the Metro Bankers workers and although Ted couldn't compete with the 6 foot stallion, he certainly put many of us to shame with his consecutive speed press ups. Always a fantastic evening with the YBC crew and I look forward to meeting up with them for the Xmas do next month.

I also attended the "Rise of the Black Pound" event in August. It took place at the Enterprise Centre in Tottenham and was run by Exclusive Visions with the founder Dean Williams hosting.

"Manage your Time" talk @ Rise of the Black Pound; Exclusive Visions - 15th August 2015

The panel led the discussions with some great food for thought and points to reflect on regarding the supporting local businesses from the ground up. The panel consisted of Dunstan Creavalle, Livingston Gilchrist, Charmaine Simpson and Jackson Ogunyemi aka Action Jackson whom provided the audience with some much needed advise on what needs to be taken into consideration and the consumer mentality at play when supporting local businesses, they also covered fundamentals on being a successful business and/or business owner.

The afternoon ended with a productivity planning session where we each looked at Purposeful Actions needed to do within the next month, listing priorities and people to contact. A fantastic exercise and upon reflection - looking back at what I listed, I am very pleased to announce I have achieved most of what I set out to achieve. It wasn't all achieved within the month but completing the exercise has certainly contributed to some of my successes which I will share in future newsletters


Investment Escalator put on a fantastic event in Royal Bank of Scotland which was perfectly organised by Daniel Thompson and the Natwest team alongside the IE organisers.

Riffi from Riffi Media Guest speaking at Investment Escalator, RBS Bishopsgate - 17th September 2015

Picture courtesy of Richard

There were some fantastic speeches made by attendees and those on the Investment Escalator programme, with Riffi from Riffi Media sharing her journey with us all. I totally resonated with all she had to share, the lecturers, facilitators, mentors and business acquaintances have been instrumental in the growth for all of our businesses - especially Anastasia Marinopo who has led and mentored Riffi, myself and many other Investment Escalator businesses. The growth of my business has been down to meeting Anastasia for mentoring sessions to push myself out of my comfort zone and into unknown territory in order to expand my business and mindset.

It was also wonderful hearing Anna Saxton's journey with her company Open To Create; she provides workshops and 1:2:1 coaching for creative, cultural and heritage leaders and managers and she led workshops on Communicating and Networking. And it was wonderful having a brief catch up with fellow businesses including Patrycja Maksymowicz ‏from Open Solutions a team of Specialists training Professional foreigners to communicate effectively in English.

Lastly, I attended the Bl-nk launch in September with the Mayor of Hackney and Carl Welham from Hackney Council hosting and guest speaking. It was great to see the builidings transformation in all done in a relatively small amount time.

Bl-nk launch - 3 floors of quirky Meeting Rooms large and small in the heart of the City - 16 September 2015

Picture courtesy of Bl-nk - great shot, great venue!

It's an excellent location for those based in East London and The City with an assortment of meeting rooms and venue hire space for events of all kinds and all sizes. The premises boast various rooms, a bar, and cafe facilities - ideal for business networking breakfasts, lunches and evening events.

Will share some of the fantastic events I featured at during October and November shortly, I've been super busy here at Quest4Success! Must remember to schedule time for more blogging - have been blogging via LinkedIn of late which is a great source for exposure to your peers and potential clients FYI!

Which memorable events did you attend during Autumn 2015? Would love to hear!

To keep updated on where I'm at, namely Southbank University on Wednesday training businesses how to use Facebook for Business, then please follow me on Twitter, or check my events page here on the website.

Chao for now....

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