About me detailed....

So who am I?

I’m Tendai

 (Tendai means Thankful to God) 


I’m a Social Media Consultant and I empower people to market themselves effectively online using Social Media


I’m also a qualified Life Coach empowering people to reach beyond their potential through goal setting 


I’m here to help you!

I will teach you how to or manage your online presence to help your audience find you whilst you are busy working on growing your business.


How did I get where I am?

I grew up wanting to be an Air Hostess initially, but after discovering my natural talent and love of maths aged 11, I decided I wanted to be a personal Accountant for friends & family.  I started on my quest to become an AAT and then ACCA qualified Accountant aged 16.  


After two years I realised I was more a people's person, and got my first job working in Business 

Travel for American Express aged 18, calculating monies owed to Merchant Bank Travellers.  My love of travelling and mathematics (having to work out refund fares & rules) kept me in the industry for 11 years!  This work allowed me to travel the world with loved ones, friends & family and solo (which I especially loved).  Travelling allowed me to discover the true me.  Whilst working, I seemed to be on a constant quest for something more! I didn't have any form of job satisfaction.  I knew I wasn’t supposed to be sat behind a desk 9-5 for the rest of my life? 


A few years on: 

Well 11 years on, I realised the traditional desk job was not conducive for my skills and personality and I decided to go for jobs which involved a lot more interacting, fulfilling roles as a Lettings Negotiator, Station Manager on radio, PA, Job Broker and Recruitment Consultant over the span of 8 years.  I realised that giving advice to people; be it property, media, development or recruitment, was where I received the most job satisfaction.  


Fast forward a little:

I discovered where my natural skills, talents and passions lay whilst studying and participating in workshops in Life Coaching, NLP, Personal Development, Social Media and Marketing.  I decided I wanted to assist other people to turn their dreams and desires into reality by assisting them to market themselves effectively, as I had with a successful hobby. 


And now:

I am working freelance for companies and self-employed for clients assisting or teaching them how to market themselves effectively online; using social media.   


What I discovered and continue to discover is that…

Communication is Key


Consistency is Vital


Social Media is the link for communicating consistently


Allow me to assist...

I offer face:face online and offline Consultations for all of my clients to see how we can best work together and get your business on the map.



  • I’m a Taurus and an ENFP Type – Apparently ENFPs are born to be Consultants and Entrepreneurs! Do you know your Personality Type and Career type? Take a FREE test here

  • I believe in Karma

  • I’m a lover of peace, good deeds and positivity and can be extremely optimistic yet realistic.

  • I love Yoga in the mornings – refreshes your mind, body & soul.

  • I support World Peace and like to support causes involving Human Rights with peaceful rants online now & again.  I attend peaceful demonstrations and protests to help aid awareness too.

  • I love watching Breaking Bad, Dexter, Homeland, The Apprentice, David Attenburgh,  and I'm also an avid Columbo fan #RIP Peter Falk

  • Astrology and the placement of the planets fascinate me.  I calculate Astrology Charts for friends & family explaining planet placements, characteristics and varying personality traits.  I’m extremely weary when Mercury (the planet of communication) is retrograde (going backwards/staying stagnant).  

  • I am a night owl – I get so much done after hours – I’m super-duper productive whilst most of you are busy sleeping *Zzzzzzzz* – This works well for International customers and those here in the UK too, especially those that are still having to work Full/PT or around a family.

  • I am studying Black History and find it fascinating.

  • I am a believer in the Law of Attraction – The Power of Intention – I’ve been on a few programmes on TV and they have all come about because of my belief on the Law of Attraction and the Power of Intention.

  • I am aware that “Thoughts become things…”

And on that note, I truly believe that I can assist YOU on your 'Quest for Success' in one way or another.


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