Delivering effective marketing solutions to get your desired results.
I understand that every client will have different requirements based on their knowledge and needs so I have set up the following packages:I understand 


From £35 (for 2.5hrs)

Masterclass, Business, Advance & Pro workshops in each of these networks:

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest 

  • Email Marketing (newsletters etc)

  • Graphics for Social Media 

  • Hootsuite SM Management

All Workshops are 2.5hrs long.


All Masterclass (beginners) will cost £40

All Business (intermediate) will cost £50

All Advance will cost £60pp EXCEPT 

* Facebook advance will cost £70

* LinkedIn advance will cost £75

Pro classes are 1:1 and 1hr each at £75


Workshops are limited to a maximum of 5 people to ensure productivity and will be held as morning, afternoon or evening classes for 2.5 hrs.


Workshops will take place at:

Impact Hub Brixton @ Pop Brixton



Platinum £100


One to one Business Coaching session 



  • Creating and maintaining a website

  • Working on Elevator pitches

  • USP creation/analysis

  • Goal Setting

  • SEO Optimization 

  • Monitoring social networks and website views (analytics)

  • Email Marketing

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Generating mailing lists

  • Creating Newsletters 

  • Creating audio (itunes/soundcloud) for websites

  • Determine target audience

  • Logo creation

  • Editing artwork




Bronze £45 (one-off)

One-off service for clients that do not have their desired Social Networks. 


I create x3 of your Social Media Network sites on your behalf.  


Includes uploading :

Banners, Profile pictures, About Me info 



Silver £50 ph

Manage your Social Media Networks on your behalf.  Will discuss content requirements with you in a one off session and then post as desired.



  • Posting on your behalf across the sites

  • Creating a general online dialogue with your current supporters, future users and potential clients -representing your brand in a consistent and positive light.  

The more hours you book, the cheaper it becomes.  ie:

Block Sessions 5 hours £215 ~ Saving £35

Block Sessions 10 hours £450~Saving £50



Corporate from £375 pm


One month's Social Media delivery acrosss necessary networks.



  • Daily post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest accounts

  • 90 mins Business Coaching 

  • Goal Setting

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Picture editing for web & print


Corporate Bronze £375 

1 post per day (across 2 sites)


Corporate Silver £525 

x2 posts per day incl. LinkedIn and Google+ Accounts 

Develop newsletter for your mailing list


Corporate Gold £625 

x3 posts per day incl. LinkedIn and Google+ Accounts

Develop newsletter for your mailing list




Gold £75 ph

I teach you how to use the Social Network sites effectively yourself. Reducing the time you spend across all networks to approx 1-2hr p/w!



We look at:

  • The fundamentals of effective Social Media Networking.

  • The current Social Networking tools available to aid you

  • Your strengths & weaknesses on Social Media


1:1 sessions at a convenient location for you.


Rates are per person.  

Hourly rate reduces for 2 or more people (still charged per person).

Group rates avail upon request.



The more hours you book, the cheaper it becomes.  ie (for 1 person):


Block Sessions 4 hours £255 ~ Saving £45

Block Sessions 8 hours £525 ~ Saving £75



Consultation: £60 

60 minute Consultation at a location and time convenient for yourself.  Can be online or face to face.  This Consultation covers the following:


  • Introduction-Who am I? Who are you?

  • Your needs

  • The Social Media Revolution

  • Social Media Facts

  • Which Social Media Network(s) to use?

  • Pros & Cons of Social Media

  • What I can do for you

  • Pricing plans best suited for your needs


One-off compulsory Consultation

prior to working together 







What to do now?






Contact me to

book a session

Call 07539 331 460



Or email me should you require further information.


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