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I’m a people’s person ~ I enjoy interacting with people and businesses.  I have always had a flair at encouraging, motivating, organizing and assisting people in one way or another. 


I started my career in the Travel Industry, and have since worked in Media, Property, Recruitment, Housing, Investment & Development and Sales & Marketing providing me a wealth of experience with individuals and businesses.


I am now working freelance for companies and clients assisting or teaching them how to market themselves effectively online; using social media.


I connect and engage with audiences across multiple platforms to forge relationships both personally and professionally.  I engage with your current and potential customers and analyse and monitor trends, people and social networks to work out what works best for YOUR business.


I ensure my clients have social media presence across the networks so that they market themselves to current and potential customers and for customers to be able to readily discover them! 


As a Consultant I am happy to use Social Media on your behalf and as a qualified Life Coach I enjoy motivating my clients and assisting them to reach their potential providing them with the required tools to reach their goals.  Clients have the choice in which capacity they would like to hire my services.


My ethos is that every client I come across will have different needs and I cater for all accordingly.  I have devised a combination of packages based on client’s needs and Social Media capabilities ranging from intimate group workshops or 1:1s ranging from Bronze to Platinum.


 “I’m all about bringing out the best in people and businesses….” 


I’m Tendai.


    I’m a Social Media Consultant at Quest4Success     and I empower people to market themselves   effectively online using Social Media

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Social Media Coach

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Tel: 07539 331 460







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