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Business Networking @O2 Tottenham Court Road FEB 2015

March already? Where has the time gone, I’ve attended several events over the past 2 weeks and will blog about them here as promised. For those of you that are new to my blog ~ WELCOME!! My name's Tendai and here at Quest4Success I will be sharing some inspirational and motivational blogs on the many events I attend throughout London.

Last month I attended a business networking event at the O2 shop in Tottenham Court Road, sponsored by Ministry For Growth and Metro Bank. It kicked off with Ministry For Growth giving a interactive presentation on “Double Your Growth In 3 Years”. The presenter ‘Deb Sen’, was enthusiastic and informative with his delivery and I was pleasantly surprised on how interactive it was. I joined teams with 2 fellow female entrepreneurs to individually come up with responses to the following:

Are you looking to grow? By how much?

How can you grow profitably? Look at one approach…

What are you going to do differently? Action!

We responded in our respective groups and all got some really great ideas from one another, alongside some additional suggestions from Debs. We looked at a really useful Growth Tool and explored the infamous Pareto principle (80:20 rule – 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes). In the case of business; 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients!

Last but not least we finished off with an Action Plan and even got slides emailed to us the next day! Prior to attending this event I hadn’t heard of Ministry for Growth to be honest, but after the presentation from Debs I am more than impressed. In a nutshell, Ministry For Growth help to transform organisations to achieve significant productivity, improvements and growth. They focus on Training, Consulting, Collaborating and Breaking into International markets. As if that wasn’t enough, we then had a presentation from Metro Bank.

I’ve been considering Business banking with a number of banks and was fortunate to have Metro Bank come and deliver the pros of banking with them. Metro Banks are open 7 days a week including Bank Holidays, (weekdays from 8-8 with 10 minutes either side) which is a considerable difference to traditional UK banking hours, and their customer service teams are UK based and on call 24/7 which is a great pro right? Coupled with the ease of opening an account - with the relevant ID an account can be opened in less than 15minutes with debit/credit card(s) produced for you on the spot! The presentation was delivered swift and to the point which was refreshing as Bankers can sometimes waffle on *no offence*.

We ended the session with a prize draw with some fantastic prizes up for grabs *One of the many reasons why business cards are a MUST right!* coupled with a networking session and lots of vino and snacks. Networked with some interesting brands and the employess from O2, Ministry for Growth and Metro.

All in all, a really productive event on a rainy February evening and the enthusiasm and energy from the guys, despite having worked a presumably long day, was thoroughly appreciated. Simon Hall and the hostesses from O2 were welcoming and helpful from beginning to end, providing us with information on meeting room hire and available facilities across the O2 offices and Gail Williams from Ministry For Growth shared her interesting story as Senior Associate and fellow entrepreneur. Instantly drawn to following all companies on Twitter, alongside attendees from the event.

Would love to read blogs from fellow entrepreneur event bloggers. Feel free to tweet your tales to me at @Quest4SuccessUK.

See you at the next event, perhaps?

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