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WOMEN WHO INSPIRE The Power of Technology 2 MAR2015

What a busy few weeks. I’ve recently attended several motivational business

events, so much so it’s been quiet the challenge writing up about them all. For those of you that are new to my blog ~ WELCOME!! My name's Tendai and here at Quest4Success I will be sharing some inspirational and motivational blogs on the many events I attend throughout London.

Inspirational YOU hosted another great event in the BrixtonHub on Tuesday 31 March 2015 which coincided with their 5th year anniversary having launched in March 2010. As detailed in my January blog, Inspirational YOU host events throughout the year in a number of settings. They have fast become one of the UK’s must-attend events for those seeking to learn, debate, network, promote and increase their skills base in a positive and stimulating environment.

Inspirational YOU have exciting and exclusive occasions and opportunities for participants to meet some of Britain’s top speakers and leading entrepreneurs. Their events are ideal for social entrepreneurs, students, business leaders, and those in law, fashion, PR, marketing, publishing, photography, leadership, aspiring entrepreneurs any anyone wanting to make a change. This is a unique opportunity to attend seminars run by leaders of various industries.

Sonia Meggie formed this Social Enterprise in March 2010, empowering 100s of people like myself to connect with people we would not usually have the opportunity too. Sonia is a humble and hardworking, high achieving lady with a multitude of skills that has taken Inspirational YOU from strength to strength.

This “Power of technology” masterclass put the spotlight on some of the most talented professionals transforming the technology industry. We were introduced and exposed to local and national innovators who are making advancements within the Digital sector.

The event was hosted by Inspirational YOU’s resident host Garry Green and first up was Jane Austin Head of UX (User Experience) at The Telegraph. Jane provided us with some useful information regarding the importance of prototypes and extensive market research ahead of introducing a product to the market. She qualified Uber as a leading example of a frictionless and seamless app.

Next up was John F Kennedy whose name sparked instant humour. John is the Brand Protection and Brand Management, IP, Marketing Chief, Marketing and Client Service Strategy at Wildbore & Gibbons LLP.

John is a regular speaker on brand and marketing strategy as well as on the commercial aspects of Intellectual Property. John’s expertise in branding and brand protection provides clients with both a commercial and legal perspective on protecting and developing their brands. John clarified the common misconceptions of copyright vs trademarking ahead of introducing his colleague Sarah Talland.

Sarah Talland is a Registered Trade Mark Attorney at Wildbore & Gibbons LLP. As a Trade Mark Attorney with particular expertise in international brands and UK/EU trade mark registrations, Sarah provided some invaluable information regarding protecting our brand and the importance of doing so.

Don Onwunumah Founder+Director at PigSty Alley Coders was introduced next. Don’s work focuses on solving problems with technology. With over 20 years in Industry, he has a vast experience and knowledge to draw on. Don was extremely passionate about giving back to the community and working with the under-privileged and in how technology can lift some people out of poverty. He is currently running an African outreach program taking the raspberry pi to African cities, providing day long introductory courses on programming and electronics.

Rashada Harry Specialist Sales at Vodafone Global Enterprise and Co-Director of “Your Future Your Ambition” (YFYA) was the 2nd to last speaker. Rashada also spoke of giving back to the community and introduced us to “Your Future Your Ambition” ( where she is a co-Director. YFYA is an initiative aimed at creating awareness and encouraging young people from diverse backgrounds studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) at school, college or university. She runs a yearly event in Emirates stadium (the next one is in March 2016) exposing young people to an array of STEM professionals providing them with advise and 1st hand experience in the industry, encouraging them to pursue careers in any field desired field.

Rashada is responsible for driving fixed infrastructure business opportunities at Vodafone Global Enterprise and she encouraged us, as females to aim for the ceiling and beyond!

Last but not least, we heard from Vinita Rathi Co-Founder Systango & CodePunt, Women Who Code London Director and Google Women Techmakers Lead and she talked us through her extensive career in IT including her role as a former VP at Goldman Sachs UK with 9 years of experience in the Tech industry. She is also the Co - Founder of SWIFT Developer Community and Women Who Code London Chapter Director. Alongside this she runs a daily challenge website - www.CodePunt and is a Hands on developer and tech architect - well versed and experienced in Java, C Sharp, Objective C and now SWIFT. Vinita’s passion was evident and infectious and she encouraged women to be more forthright and visible in the Tech World.

As promised, the Panel focused on:

  • Mobile app trends and ways to generate an income

  • Taking our business to the next level

  • Developing our tech skills

  • Boosting our brand on and offline

  • How to protect our digital IP

  • Tips on digital marketing

  • The support available to women running an online business

  • Getting the User Experience (UX) right (e.g. websites, intranets, applications, software)

  • Understanding digital IP and Copyright

The Q&A session was extremely informative and engaging with some notable audience members lending their expertise and food for thought. Each speaker provided us with some Tips for Success, with the most notable tip for me being “Just Do It….. Break it….. Learn it…….”!!

Sonia closed the evening with a brief synopsis of her journey with Inspirational YOU. It was amazing to hear how far she and her team have come, especially with regards to putting on the events with no funding yet delivering 1st class speakers, venues and refreshments with the majority of them being FREE for all. Quality events like this are usually charged at a minimal fee of £15+ and sometimes out of reach for local individuals and entrepreneurs like myself with regards to location and pricing. On behalf of all attendees I would like to express the gratitude for this and all of the hard work involved with organising and co-ordinating events.

An excellent event as always and a great way to bring in Inspirational YOU’s Fifth year anniversary.

Here’s to many more (event’s and anniversaries!)….

Please follow @Quest4SuccessUK for more events and motivational info and @inspirational_u to be updated with their events and all things inspirational!

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