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Quest4Success Guest Speaker @Camberwell Arts - Social Media for Artists

Honoured to do the Social Media Talk for local Artists and Creatives in Camberwell Library from Camberwell Arts and Empowering Artists. It happened to fall on my Birthday too and I was more than happy to deliver the talk on such a special day.

This workshop was a beginner's guide to social media and aimed at artists who wanted to share their art and ideas through the various social media platforms. It was advertised as an introduction to the various platforms, their differences and similarities but due to the knowledge and capabilities of the artist I was able to delve into the more intermediate and advanced aspects of Social Media.

The majority of Artists already had profiles online and just needed some encouragement, structure and guidance to use the platforms better. The workshop will gave an understanding of the different features and functionality of the various platforms, discussing content and the various ways to increase engagement with online audiences as well as growing that audience.

I covered:

Why use social media - what are the alternatives?

Differences between the various social media

Image sizing

Adding links

Growing audiences if you are new to the network

Content - what to write about

Scheduling your posts and tweets.

Avoiding overwhelm when using social media

Adverts Vs Boosted Posts

Networking in Groups and pages

The art of marketing effectively

The workshop lasted an hour followed by 30 mins networking speaking with artists 1:1 and I was blown away by some of the work shown to me.

Gita from Empowering Artists, contributed to the talk with her experience and take on Social Media and we made a great tag team speaking about the pros on cons of each site.

Absolute pleasure talking with these guys.....

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